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LICENTA COMERCIALA - digital paper - DP0

LICENTA COMERCIALA - digital paper - DP0

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Personal and Small Business Commercial Use (as defined in the Policies) is included with all purchases. The Extended License extends what is allowed with your purchase.

{This license is meant to be purchased in conjunction with the product(s) itself. There is no artwork that comes with this extended license add-on. It merely extends the usage rights of artwork purchased separately. You will however, receive a jpg of the image above, simply so the order can be completed instantly.}

► License Information:

This extended license is good for any product or group of products purchased from YAU DIGITAL STORE. You will only need to purchase this license once. Any future product you purchase will also be covered.

► This license will allow you to:

• sell over 200 items with the product on it. You cannot, however, resell the product AS it IS, bundled with other similar items, or give it away for free.

• advertising (digital and print), videos and company websites with unlimited impressions, views and/or visits.

• printing on merchandise for sale.

Toate imaginile digitale din aceasta categorie sunt proprietatea YaU Concept, sunt protejate de drepturi de autor si nu pot fi folosite decat in conditiile mentionate mai sus!

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